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Sweet Tooth Cakes and Pastries is the vision of Chef Steve Thomas, intending to provide his community with high-quality, specialty desserts.
About Sweet Tooth Cakes Pastries, About UsChef Thomas’s passion for baking was awakened as a young boy, in his mother’s kitchen. After college, he went on to work in the hospitality industry to further refine his skills and was offered several apprenticeship opportunities under the tutelage of several European chefs, learning traditional methods, allowing him to create his own recipes. Chef Thomas has worked as a Head Pastry Chef for many well-known hotels including JW Marriott, The Vista Hotel, Hilton International, Hyatt, and the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor.

In 1996, Chef Thomas made the decision to leave the hotel industry to pursue his dream of having his own shop, with the help of his brother, Ricardo. About Sweet Tooth Cakes Pastries, About UsSince Sweet Tooth’s opening, it has stood the test of time as a community favorite. Well-known for customer favorites like the White Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Shortcake, Triple Chocolate Cake, and Lemon Cake. In addition to operating Sweet Tooth, Chef Thomas also works as a culinary instructor for the past 10+ years at Prince George’s Community College. There he shares his wealth of knowledge and decades of expertise with young and upcoming chefs in the culinary industry.

With these successes, Chef Thomas knew that Sweet Tooth could offer more. In 2012, Sweet Tooth began a partnership with Chef Thomas’ wife, Sara, and opened Sweet 2th Cafe & Catering. About Sweet Tooth Cakes Pastries, About UsA loyal customer base quickly followed with the introduction of favorites like Chicken with Attitude and Curry Chicken Salad along with an extensive array of menu choices. The catering department has found its own success with catering for local corporate luncheons, banquets and personal family events. In 2019, both the bakery and catering business stand as pillars of the community; a one-stop-shop where customers can come in at any time to order a cake, have a meal and leave with something extra for later.

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Not only do customers rave about the store’s high-quality, delicious desserts, but Sweet Tooth also provides a level of customer service that is hard to match. Customers agree that Sweet Tooth’s customer service sets it apart from our competition. Sweet Tooth provides customers with the flexibility to create custom-designed cakes or to purchase cakes that reflect popular trends in cake design. Customers can also purchase whole cakes, cake by-the-slice, individual cookies and other desserts, or bulk batches of any dessert offering.

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